Michael Ornido


I am a Catholic artist. Coming from a Catholic household, I have learned that every virtue stems from love. Therefore, I create work that incorporates the techniques of both surrealism and classical art to visually inform my viewers of the different aspects of love from Catholic lenses. I find it amazing that one word, love, has so many different layers of depth that I believe one painting alone cannot show all at once. I always base my work on spiritual reading. I believe that it is only in reading that I can find almost endless different aspects of the Catholic view of love. Although my main source is the Bible, I also look to other spiritual texts that feed me more and more ideas for my art.

Elle Ornido

Communications Chair

Miss Elle Diana (d’Andalo) Jordan (of Saxony) Ornido, O.P. studied cinematography at San Francisco State, Cal State Northridge, and City College of San Francisco. Elle is a Third Order Dominican of the St. Dominic’s of San Francisco Chapter. She enjoys working for St. Dominic’s YouTube/Livestream Ministry, for which she does videography (including Fr. Michael Hurley, O.P.’s Word of the Week), photography, and graphic design. Elle is a freelance videographer and photographer. Elle enjoys dancing ballet, ice skating, attending musicals & ballets, and reading in her leisure time.

Eugene Moon

Head Designer

      Eugene Moon is an artist who works in various mediums, such as ink, painting, sculpture, and digital medium. He graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with a bachelor’s in Fine Art. He has exhibited his artwork in various galleries around Los Angeles and residencies in the country. His work has strong ties to his interest in culture and history, especially in terms of music, language, and heritage. In terms of Catholic art, he draws inspiration from older iconographic styles that were used in early middle ages of Europe. He combines the style with modern themes and motifs that display topics of Catholic teachings or social themes of today’s society.


Fr. Michael Hurley, O.P.